Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is a part of personalized medicine which analyses a patient’s genetic makeup, along with other clinical inputs, to help guide medication selection. PGx may help determine the doses of medications that are likely to work best for each patient and provide alerts when there is a risk of either medication failure or adverse drug events. 

Traditional medication selection and dosing are often empirically determined based on studies for what works best for large populations. For individuals, responses to medication can differ significantly. This can be due to variations in various genes controlling drug metabolism or drug receptors. These differences can affect the safety and efficacy of medications. 

Pharmacogenomic tests may be appropriate in: 

  • Patients who have tried multiple medications that have not worked as expected 
  • Patients who had an unwanted reaction or unexpected response to medications
  • In patients prior to drug selection, thereby providing additional information to clinicians enabling a more informed, personalised approach

Depending on the report requested, Incite Genomic’s test reports provide both easy to understand medication dosing suggestions, together with medication avoidance alerts that are derived from both the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implantation Consortium and the Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group recommendations.

Our test panels have high clinical utility with result turn around times within 2-4 business days from the time of sample receipt into our laboratory.

Incite Genomics PGx testing provides guidance for over 170 medications. These medications are commonly prescribed in the following clinical specialties:

Clinical Specialties
Pain Management
Infectious Disease
Transplantation medicine
General Practice
and other specialties

Clinicians can now offer at-home sample collects to their patients.

For some patients it can be difficult to find time for a sample collection, particularly if they are receiving telehealth care at home. We have now made it easy for your patients to get Incite Genomics testing by providing at-home sample collection packs that enable patients to self collect samples and post them back to our laboratories..

To find out more or to set up your practice to offer Incite Genomics PGx testing, simply contact us.