What sample is required?

Either a simple cheek swab or a blood sample collected in an EDTA tube.

How long does the test take?

A test report will be available within 2-4 business days of a sample being received at our laboratory. For predictor-plus that time will be 7-9 business days.

Will a patient receive a copy of their results?

The first step is we provide the test report to a patients treating clinician. We encourage a clinician to discuss the test results with their patient in selecting a medication regimen. After this we are happy to provide a copy to the patient. In there near future we will be providing a patient report card that explains, in general terms, their genetics in relation to medication responses.

Can a patient currently on medication have the test?

Yes, the fact that a patient is on medication doesn’t effect the results of the test.

Is the test suitable for other family members?

Yes, particularly if the patient is found to carry a significant genetic variant that effects medication responses.