Many laboratories throughout the world have the platforms and capabilities of performing pharmacogenomic testing. However, many may not have the capacity to deliver comprehensive, interpretive clinical reports that constantly updates as evidence in the literature evolves.

Clinical utility significantly improves when pharmacogenomic testing is provided locally, rather than being sent to third party providers (particularly if they are in other countries) .

Incite Genomics offers laboratories options suited to their specific needs, whether it is to establish a pharmacogenomic testing service in-house, or simply use their own data to generate comprehensive reports. Incite genomics offers both option to laboratories:

1. Technology transfer partnerships where Incite Genomics proven genetic testing platform can be seamlessly implemented into a partner’s laboratory where together the test is rigorously and rapidly validated according to local accreditation guidelines.

2. Provide a secure, cloud-based platform that intakes quality-checked genomic data (eg genotyping (by various platforms), NGS etc) and returns in-house branded, easily understood comprehensive clinical reports that are continuously updated as new evidence emerges. Reports can be a full comprehensive report or modified to provide smaller reports specific to the needs of the treating clinical specialists.

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